Yoga classes

Because of Corona, I’m not teaching live classes at the moment. Instead, I teach a range of classes online, using Zoom.

  • Yin on Tuesday from 20.30 till 21.45.
  • Flow on Wednesday from 9 till 10.
  • Yang/yin (first flow, then yin) on Sunday from 10 till 11.15

If you want to join, email me at and I’ll send you the links and the latest information.

I have been a professional dancer for 20 years with several dance companies in the Netherlands and abroad. I took my first yoga class in 1990 and since then I’ve never stopped practicing and studying yoga in some form or another. I completed yoga teacher training courses in several styles, a.o. with Dona Holleman and with Anat Geiger.

I like to make my classes playful and challenging; stimulating strength, suppleness, and physical awareness, in a way that is not competitive, so that each person can work on their own level. My ultimate aim with Yoga is that the student feels more at ease and at home in their own body and mind.

I also give private classes for people who have an injury or issue that makes a group class not the best option.

*Monday 17.30 Yoga for Men at Yoga Today, Weesp

*Monday  20.15: Flow Yoga at David Lloyd, Amsterdam.

*Tuesday 9.00 and 10.30: Hatha and Yin Yoga at Blue Birds, Amsterdam

*Wednesday 10.00 Yin Yoga at Blue Birds, Amsterdam.

*Wednesday 17.00 Yoga at de Regenboog, Amsterdam.

*Wednesday 19.00 and 20.15 Flow Yoga at Train More Oost, Amsterdam

*Thursday 9.00: Flow Yoga at David Lloyd, Amsterdam.

*Friday 10.30: Yoga at IBC Revalidatie, Amstelveen.

*Saturday 10.30: Yin Yoga at Blue Birds, Amsterdam.