What can you expect from my massage?

When you come to me for a massage, I will always start the session with a little conversation. I explain some things about Thai Massage and about what you can expect. And I ask: ‘why do you feel like receiving a massage today?’. The answers I get can vary quiet a bit. And depending on your answer we formulate a goal for the massage together.

For instance, you might be looking for relieve from physical discomfort or pain. Maybe there is a specific area of the body you want attention for. Using pressure, strokes and stretching my aim is then to bring back space and movement in those areas. To let energy flow again, also in corresponding places of the body, since pain in one area often is a manifestation of misbalance somewhere else. Sometimes vigorous treatment is called for, sometimes more gentleness, sometimes all I do is let my warm hands rest on a painful area inviting the tension there to drain away.

An other reason to receive massage might be that you are looking for a form of support. You might be in a challenging and stressful period of your live and be looking for place to put your burden down for a while and experience a sense of being carried. In that case I could choose for a slower or more gentle quality of touch. Or a strong steady pressure reconnecting you with the ground. I listen to the breath of the receiver to move in harmony. We enter a soothing rocking rhythm in which you can let go deeply, sink and arrive back home in your own body again.

It can also be a choice to activate, to generate some energy. Thai massage can be dance-like and playful with big movements, rocking and shaking. The receiver is then like a lazy dance partner. One time you end up on your belly, then on your side. I’m the active partner, folding you in and stretching you out. A surprising voyage. I invite you to breath fully again so that after the massage you will feel more energetic and alive.

So as you see there are different possibilities when you come for a Thai massage, depending on the request you bring. In all cases you will leave deeply relaxed and and with a great sense of physical well being.

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