Because of the Coronavirus, there are certain safety measures in place, based on the guidelines of the Dutch Ministry of Health:

*From 1 December 2020, both the masseur and the client have to wear a face mask during the massage.

*We have to cancel the treatment if you have a cold, raised temperature, if you are sneezing or coughing, or have lung issues. Also if any of the people you live with, colleagues etc. have these symptoms, we have to cancel. Of course if I, or anyone in my environment, has these kinds of health issues, I will cancel. These cancellations will be free of charge.

*Before and after the massage we both wash and disinfect our hands.

*Each client gets their own sheet and pillowcases, washed at 60 degrees C. 

*Before and after each massage, I disinfect door handles, washbasins, the toilet, etc.